The show begins at Captain Morgan's Retreat ( men’s home).  Mark and the men talk about what happen after the sad good-byes.  Mark make’s a point of saying last time we saw them they looked somber.  The men tell Mark that all the women showed up to welcome them back and there was a wild party going on.  The girls were ready to have fun so it disrupted their sadness. Billy had fun in the pool when a couple of the girls pulled him in.  Mark asked if the boys were experiencing pre-date butterflies. They guys laughed and  Kaya answered that, "we learned some news that might give us some butterflies, really serious stuff. There are 3 or 4 girls that are self-proclaimed divas". Andy corrected him "No, no, Crocodiles" and Kaya went on to let us know that "they will stop at nothing to get us".  Mark -  "does that scare you or intrigue you?"  Andy - "intrigue, cause I wanna know who they are."  Mark - "so there is a game?"  Andy - "definitely!"
On to, Mata Chica, the girls camp where Mark asks if the girls have any "teenage butterflies" about suddenly dating. They all pointed at Shannon and she  confessed to being so nervous that she couldn't eat, felt 16 and did not know what to wear. Mark sent the girls back to their rooms to get ready for their dates.
And with that the dates begin !! 
The show does not pay for the dates. Nor for drinks and food. The dates were arranged by the producers, based what each person said the like.


Kaya and Alison.
Kaya said, "my first date is really, really my type. She stayed in last night getting prepared for today's hike because she was excited" and Alison told us that "my first impression of him was that he's a really hot guy" he said, "before I went into this, Valerie and I set up the grounds that she can do, or I can do whatever we want. Hold back nothing, go with the flow, go with what feels right" we are shown shots of him and Valerie in the water enjoying themselves on their date to the Blue Hole National Park.  "Kind of a lot of things I described about women that I like, she's like the physical manifestation of it. She's like, a doctor and very cool with a good personality and I'm literally having so much fun."  When he compared the two girls he said "Alison is very soft-spoken and athletic, Valerie, for her, roughing it is a four star hotel rather than a five. She's accustomed to luxury." After the date, both Kaya and Alison gushed about what a great time they had and Kaya said, "
: I had a lot of fun. Couldn't ask for a better date. I have to say for the rest of my time here I want to be tempted.


Valerie and Charlie
Charlie started the date on a hopeful note, thinking they had something in common. "I knew she was from Miami, which is where I'm from and she's physically very attractive so I thought it would be an excellent date. I thought it would be really, really cool".
Valerie thought the date started off strange because while she and Charlie were in a boat, they saw Kaya walking on the beach Alison, who Valerie thought was really pretty girl. She yelled out his name and Kaya looked at Valerie and said, "Who was that?" Valerie and Charlie explored the Chechem Ha Rain Forest on their date Valerie, looking like her mind was not even on the island said  "I felt very comfortable with Charlie on the date, he was a really nice guy but Kaya definitely popped in my head throughout the day". Looked to us like he never left her head. She sighed as she explained that, "for a first date, it was very fun but it got to a point where I didn't even feel like making conversation, I mean, I was thinking about Kaya and it just felt like such small talk." She looked uninterested in the date or what was going on.  We did not see either one comment on the date after it happened.


Taheed and Lawonna
First thing Taheed said "Out of all the women that are here, I knew that she was definitely one of the ones that I was gonna go out on a date with because she fit the total package."  When they began their date at the Five Blue Lakes National Park, Lawonna said, "Taheed is definitely a turn on. Really sexy, he has this like smooth operator edge about him." They swam and played in the lake and at the end of the date Taheed said . "Actually, this was the best date I've ever had. My first date with Ytossie, I mean, we went out, we had a great time, but it wasn't as phenomenal as this date."


Ytossie and Sean
Ytossie saw who her date would be she told us, "Sean caught my eye tremendously tall, good-looking, light color eyes, dark hair is what I like." Sean said “She seemed like an independent woman. I thought that we'd definitely bond. She's a massage therapist and I'm a massage therapist.” That was about the only good thing said about this date.  Sean went on and on about his friends how his mom was also a massage therapist. . Ytossie seems to feign polite interest at first, but soon looks completely away from him studying the side of the road while Sean looks straight ahead, still talking. At one point she got rude moved her fingers up and down at Sean and said, "Blah, blah, blah" while he was talking. He did not get the hint ! She told us "I don't want to say an intelligent conversation, but I love intelligent men. I'm a big kidder but he talked a lot and the things that he said didn't interest me at all." At the Xunantunich Maya Ruins where we can see Ytossie sitting and  twirling her hair looking bored. Sean puts on a goofy smile and says, "There's free shirts over there." and proceeds to walk to a rack of garish shirts, pulling out one and struggling to get it over his head without unbuttoning it. and then complained that Ytossie had failed his test by not helping him dress. Looking back at the date Ytossie had this to say Conversation with Sean irritated the heck out of me. Sorry to say, he was a pretty package and a pretty package he should have stayed. I shouldn't have opened the package.


Andy and Megan 
Andy said, "Megan is everything I anticipated, she was down to earth, adventurous, she was totally outgoing. She was great!". Megan said "Andy is a cute guy. He's on my cute guy list." They went water skiing and to the Shark Ray Alley, Andy was constantly touching Megan's legs and joking around. He rated her legs at "8 1/2" or "9" and Shannon's legs were an "8". Her legs were his favorite part of her body. Their date ends with Andy and Megan laying together in a hammock with Andy's hand sliding up along her inner thigh and telling us that "putting her here to tempt me, it couldn't be scripted better." 


Shannon and Matt
Shannon said “The first thing that really turned me onto Matt, was he said that if anything is going to happen between anyone, that it's going to happen over a course of some time after we get to know each other. I thought, great, this guy's not looking for the scam” Matt said “Personally I'm a booty man. I'm a tight ass over a big breasts kind of guy. I'm not into fake breasts at all. And on the subject, Shannon's got great breasts by the way, and she got a great ass. She's got a great body. The date begun at the Baboon Sanctuary where they laughed at the baboons. Followed by the winery where Shannon chose an expensive bottle of wine and Matt offered to pay for it. She said she would pay him back and he said no way. After the date she said ” When Matt offered to buy me the wine at the winery I was thrilled. Because the only potential problem that I see between Andy and I is his careers don't produce the highest income imaginable. And Matt looked at me and he's like this is my date, this is my date and I'm paying the bill. It was a thrilling change.”

Billy and Lisa
Lisa had this to say "I knew it was gonna be a great date from the start. Billy, he's the hottest one." Billy and Lisa went snorkeling at the Hol Chan marine reserves. Billy comments about Lisa "Lisa's got a fantastic personality, which is essential to having a good time. Lisa's eyes are definitely the sexiest part of her body. She's always focused on you and you can just see them peering into you" Lisa said "He's hot and he has the prettiest eyes I've ever seen and he's one of the coolest guys I've ever met. So I can say I definitely have some attraction toward him". 


Mandy and Keith 
Mandy and Keith went to Lighthouse Reef and then the couple ate a picnic lunch of seafood on the beach. Keith said "Mandy's a whole lot of fun, she's got a great attitude. She seems like she's going be really athletic, outgoing, competitive. The kind of girl I like hangin' out with. Mandy's a beautiful girl. She was like a mermaid or something." The camera shows shots of scuba diving and holding hands. Mandy said "I reached out for his hand when we were underneath the water. It was great, it was actually very natural. He seems like someone I can be with" At the end of the date Mandy said "This whole experience is totally an opportunity of a lifetime, because when and where else would you ever have a chance to be in an environment with 13 single guys who have been chosen for you because they're your type. This will never happen again. This will most likely never happen to anyone else".


Later that night. 

At Captain Morgan's Retreat the men talk about the single women one of the men says " I think these girls that we're dealing with are very aggressive. I think they're fun but I think there's a few sharks in the mix." Billy calls them "man-hungry", and they all wonder what the single guys are like with their girlfriends. They all agree the guys will be all over them since men by nature are way more aggressive. The single girls while eating dinner decide that Billy is the most attractive. Laughing they decide to make bets. Some of them put money into a pool and whoever sleeps with one of the guys gets the money.

At the Mata Chica the women discuss their stories and insecurities. Mandy has never seen women all over Billy before. Ytossie offers that they already know what women are like so they can expect them to be all over their men. Ytossie ran into Kaya on his date earlier in the day. Kaya told Ytossie that the women are all over Billy and Taheed. Mandy said she was feeling an amazing amount of tension because of knowing that. Valerie said that after dinner morale was pretty low. Finally them come up with plan to spice things up. They tell the single men that they should prove their worth to them since one of them will be banished the following day. One of the ladies yelled “if you want to stay you’ll obey !” We see them lounging on the beach while sipping drinks and watching the guys try to impress them, with dressing up, flashing and sweet talking.


The next day Mark visits the women and tells them its time to pick a guy to banish from the island. The men give 15 second speeches to influence the women not to choose them. Ytossie right away wanted to get rid of Sean. Shannon and Valerie said absolutely not since he was their token hot guy, the guy that their boyfriends were worried about. When the women finally decide, Shannon is the one to deliver the news she walks over to Maceo, and places the banishment necklace over his head. They explain the reason, he was arrogant used vulgar  language and for some reason smashed up his guitar. The women called him a freak
Men get the same opportunity over at their living quarters. The single girls all do their best to entice and persuade the guys as well. The guys got together and thought the pitches the girls gave them were tough, but they decided to go with their gut instincts, Taheed was the only one who did not want to go with that choice but he finally agreed. They tell Mark they're ready they warned him that their choice was a shocker. Andy was chosen to deliver the bad news, and he walked over to Lola Corwin and placed the banishment necklace over her head. Lola took it worst than Maceo she said “Aww, you don't care for me. Nobody loves me. I knew it was me. I'm going to cry." Andy explained why her “She did nothing for me. Aesthetically, she is a very cute girl, but once you get to know her, her aesthetics just deteriorate like this..." He made a downward sloping motion with his hands, "They just crash." Billy supported him in this by saying, "she was a bit drunk when we first ran into each other and she said, basically, Hey, why the hell haven't any of you met me yet. Billy motioned a thumbs down and made a disgusted sound. Billy: As far as looks are concerned, I'm very pretty happy with who we have left here.


After sun down Mark took the men to their first bonfire to a remote part of the island. Mark said  “Tonight is really about some opportunities. I'm going to give you some opportunities. You know who you went out with but you have no idea who your girlfriend went out with. So I'm going to give you a chance to find out who your girlfriend's date was.”  He goes on to tell the men that he will give them a chance to see a videotape of the man who dated their girlfriends. If they choose to see it, then their girlfriend is required to see a videotape of the single women the men dated. If the choose not to see it their girlfriend will not be able to see the video either. Tonight was men’s turn to make the decisions and next time it will be the women’s decision. Billy and Taheed wanted to see the tape, Taheed viewed his video as well, showing the other guys too. Sean says how Ytossie got mad at him on the date, so he didn't think it worked out too well. Taheed said he was disappointed that it was the massage therapist guy, but glad that the date didn't go well. He looked very pleased. Billy also, shared his video with the other guys. Mandy's date, Matt, talks about how Mandy was flying under water today, and it was an adrenaline rush. He added that he'd like to go out with her again. Kaya and Andy decided not to see the tape. Kaya said she doesn't want to limit Valerie's choice. If she doesn't want to see his tape, then he doesn't want her to be forced to. Andy said they decided to do their own thing on the island.
Mark tells the guys now they have a chance to record a one minute message to their girlfriends that will be delivered in the morning. This is the only form of contact they will have. Kaya was very happy  at the thought of being able to send a message to Valerie, Andy and Billy also said yes of course but Taheed refused. While he explained why all Andy, Billy, Kaya and even Marked looked at him in shock "The way that she left, the situation when we left, I was completely embarrassed and hurt behind it and I think that I'm gonna take this two weeks and she should take her two weeks to really think about the way that she acted. I won't give her the satisfaction!" Kaya said it blew him away that one of them didn't want to send a message to their girlfriend. He said it was almost like a slap in the face to your girlfriend.
He gives the same choices and opportunities speech to the women as well. Valerie was not happy with the situation. "It just really turned my stomach!"  Neither Valerie or Shannon were surprised that their boyfriends chose not to see the tape. They were relieved. When Mandy found out that Billy did see the tape, she said she knew he would since he makes up weird scenarios in his head and would rather get it over with and know. Ytossie was very shocked that Taheed would allow her to see his date. Mandy smiled when Lisa said that Billy had a really cool girlfriend but as the video wound down, she started to cry. When Mark asked why she was crying, she explained, "I don't want any girl having a good time with Billy. I want him to have a terrible time!" Ytossie asked Shannon  to "share this with me". Lawonna talked about what a wonderful time they'd had and she says that Taheed said that "this was his best date ever". Ytossie explains that she knows his game after five years and she's not surprised that Lawonna enjoyed the Taheed she got to know.
Just like the men the women had a choice to make a video message. Mandy Shannon and Valerie were extremely happy. But Ytossie said no. Not knowing that Taheed did not make one either. Mark said “But what if you get a tape from him in the morning ?” And she said “ I will watch it, but I will not make one.”  The show ended with Mandy saying, "Look at Ytossie and Taheed. Look at them. I don't know what's going to happen with them. There are things that could taint a long term relationship. This could rip two people apart." Something tells me Mandy should look at herself first !



The End